Advent nature table day 19

Yes, I know. I dropped a day. I was still migrainey and tired from replenishing nail varnish (pushing my luck there, I know, some people have real jobs)..

But I came back with vigour today to compensate. I marshalled at Parkrun this morning: on the way out (it was a Lollipop day) I stopped them accidentally running off the prom and on the way back encouraged them up the leg-sapping kiosk hill. Sounds vital eh? Not really, they are all able to do these things for themselves, and I just get to make myself feel happy by cheering them on while they do it. It really is just the nicest way to start the weekend, difficult to believe how much fun it is until you do it yourself. And I had by far the best mince pies I have had for some years, lovely home-made ones which tasted exactly as they should do.

I did two bouts of shopping, one in Whitstable for pretty things, one in Herne Bay for useful things at normal prices.

And then I managed a run and meant to go out for a quickie because it was quite late. But I got into a rhythm and there was a moon, and it was such a nice afternoon/evening. I have finally given up pretending it is winter in a long sleeved top and gone back to a t-shirt. I reverted to shorts a few weeks ago. As it was nearly dark, I went for something easy for the nature table.

Haws. A bit squishy and knackered because they were taken from a hawthorn on the exposed bit of Long Rock, and then had to suffer the indignity of being sweated on for a couple of miles home. 5.22 miles run, 12.9 miles in total walking and running.



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