Advent nature table day 20

Bit of a poor photo, intended solely to show that the little fishing boats have christmas lights, but they don’t really show up here. It is the strip of red and strip of blue underneath in the centre. Much prettier in real life.20151220_150240 A variety of birds were out this afternoon:  curlews, redshanks, turnstones and the oyster catchers you can see here.20151220_170234
I think this is Corallina a red seaweed that has become bleached, but I might be wrong. It is about the same size as two thumbnails.
20151220_170133This is a well-encrusted oyster shell, its chosen accessories are well-concreted in. Not sure what the thingy between the two pebbles is.

10 miles, and the heaviest, shortest rainstorm I have ever run in. Within a minute I was as wet as I would have been if I had thrown myself into the sea. Quite amazing.


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  1. Sophie says:

    Definitely Corallina, they often get bleached if exposed to too much sun at shallow depth/on the beach. A very pretty species. Isn’t the thing in between a snail shell where the top has been cut off/has broken?

  2. mercyjm says:

    Excellent, and yes I think it is. I thought it might have been a barnacle when it was wet but it is a broken snail shell 🙂

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