Advent nature table day 21


I did set out meaning to do 8-10 miles this morning, but the weather gradually turned nasty (as you can see from the declining light levels as the photos progress) and I didn’t fancy getting soaked again. So just 5.3 miles, and that was extremely slow as I had my binoculars and kept getting distracted.


View up the Swale (link goes to Kent Wildlife Trust film of the Swale starring a few items from the nature table) with Sheppey on the right. Round about here I saw a marsh harrier (but looking the other way, inland). Quite difficult to keep in sight as it was hunting along the drainage ditches.


And in the middle of the channel between the mainland and Sheppey is a sand bar called Horse Sands, and those dots are seals, I would guess at between 50-100.


The sands (mudflats really) were full of oyster catchers and various other birds with long beaks, including some curlews. A bit further along there was an egret, and a large crowd of lapwings just sitting quietly together.


As my swimming and wrestling skills are not up to bringing home a seal for the nature table (nor is the sink big enough to keep one in) I found more egg cases: some more rays and that of the common whelk.


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