Advent nature table day 23

Yes, wimpy wimpy wimp wimp. At the risk of imparting TMI, bad PMT/S (whatever your favourite term) exacerbated by winter and CBA.

So a shorty for today – to the beach and back- rather than infinity and beyond. Far more manageable.


And I present for today, a much bigger piece of Corallina, and a bit of red seaweed with white stuff on it. I have no idea what it is, initially it was hard but softened before I took the picture. There were a lot of bits of weed similarly affected. It does resemble the sourdough starter that I am failing to nurse, but they have not been in close proximity. I promise.

Today’s other major point of interest is that turnstones make a lot of noise. They feed on the water margin as the tide goes out and the are quite hard to see unless you know they are there. But today while I was mooching for nature table items, I assumed that there was some drainage problem on the next beach because I could hear a constant rattling of shingle as if it was being moved by a stream. It wasn’t, it was about 20 turnstones working together on the shingle as the tide slowly ebbed. Most impressed.


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