Advent nature table ultimate Christmas

With contributions from Mauritius and Surrey! The last few items on the physical nature table are some fine oyster shells, an interesting knotted bit of rope and some periwinkles (Littorina littorea). Also a shot of the indoor friendly items collected so far (the sponge is outside…)

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From a more conservation-focused perspective there are the Dodo (extinct) and the Endangered (back from the brink) Pink Pigeon. Some lovely Christmas lights at RHS Wisley which count as nature because they are tulips.

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And to ensure that it is the ultimate Christmas post, here we have an unbearable smug cat.20151205_175712

Posed for festive purposes against the extremely unchristmassy Philodendron bipinnatifidumFor those of you unfamiliar with young Baldric, his eyes are reflective because he is 99% (not sure about the remaining 1%) blind. He is a fan of Abradypus’s cat, Simon’s cat and Tom Cox. What he would like for Christmas is for the human to let him explore the garden shed properly.

Oh, and 5.3 miles today. Parkrun marshalling tomorrow, a race on the 27th, then full steam ahead for Janathon!

Postscript, B is concerned that people may think he is not politically aware. He also follows Kevin Drum and his cats on Mother Jones, although we both find the whole Trump thing a bit wearing.


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  1. abradypus says:

    He remains gorgeous 🙂

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