Always an awkward time of year, it feels that anything you do doesn’t really count as part of the old year or the new year. Roads that you expect to be busy are empty and those that you think might be devoid of cars are queuing.

I did 6 miles, which was like pulling teeth, which creates a mental image so complicated I will just move on quickly. Lots of aches and pains, none of them pertaining to the bits that normally hurt (left knee instead of right, achilles instead of right hamstring, chest instead of back and so-on). I blame it all on extraneous pallet-hefting and use of the post-rammer on the allotment. However I now have a new compost heap (so ugly that I decline to photograph it), and I have freed the old heaps from torture (lining top and bottom with multiple sheets of plastic, is not conducive to rotting of contents).

But anyway, I took a picture when I was out running that I decided looks like the anti-christmas, it has trees and balls hanging from the tree, but not is a jolly way at all.20151230_135223.jpg

This is on a new route through Herne Village on the way to Herne Common and the Blean. Useful and harmless so will use again.


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  1. runtezza says:

    Great photo — as usual. I think it’s got a sleepy hollow happy holiday feeling to it! Happy new year.

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