#janathon day 3 angsting

Dark, damp and windy  – 2.29 miles.

Knew I had to go out, didn’t want to as the weather is vile. Put it off but the cat was driving me round the bend, this is his concept of research.

Photo on 03-01-2016 at 12.39 #3

I got him a book of his own, exactly the same type, nice hardback with illustrations, second hand so it smelt interesting; but no he had to share my book. So after being driven to the extremes of hovering the flat to get rid of him (lasts about an hour if I don’t go and tell him I have finished),I went for a run.

I had put some vegetables in the oven to roast (yeah weird thing, me cooking) and after about a mile I was angsting about the angsty list (money, study, not being X [insert last-listened to inspirational person on radio] allotment, plants, study, work #1 mix and repeat) when I became convinced that instead of turning the oven down when I went out, I had turned it to grill instead.

This gave me a vision of the flat burning down, and little B (who isn’t wearing his collar today) roaming the neighbourhood (if he escaped) in the dark, blind and frightened. So I decided to turn early for home ot avert the potential tragedy, but realised that I had been so taken up by my angsting that I couldn’t, I had missed the turn by a good third of a mile.Which made me chuckle.

So I finished the (not very long) run. I hadn’t put the grill on, B was sat waiting for me, listening to Jarvis Cocker on Radio 6, not sure what he made of it.


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