#janathon day 4

2.8 miles walked. BLAHH.

****spoiler for menstrual discussion****

I know I am 49, I know that the menstrual goddesses (that I invented last night*) have been very kind to me in the preceding decades. But I would be quite pleased if they would lighten up just now. 15 days of period is bleeding boring. It is also (thank you government) expensive, draining (literally), tiring and inducing consumption of carbohydrates that is beyond comprehension.

I realise that there are healthy ways to deal with this: eat nice vegetables, google frequently, take vitamin b, exercise, gaze with love uponĀ the world, say FUCK a lot, ibuprofen, sit on an absorbent surface, toughen the fuck up.

But, just for today, whinging is my choice. Tomorrow I may be a warrior.

*Cramp, Bloat, Binge, Fury, Flood, Ouch and Stain.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ah, I feel your pain & frustration! Although, I seem to be visited by the menopause goddess lately who I imagine is very twinkly and kind, but totally scatty / harebrained when it comes to delivering on plans. Take care & whinge as much as necessary.

  2. zoeforman says:

    I’ve been lucky so far but don’t enjoy seeing friends suffer and lose training partners to the big M

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