#janathon day 10 a real run


There, real outsideyness, with trees and mud and stuff.


A big Blean high five for everyone who ventured out on not the nicest of January days – still very wet here and a smidge colder.Janathon_day_10___Run___Strava

GPS was so slow to pick up satellites today I had got half a mile or so before it admitted that we were really outside and it had better get its arse in gear.

And I was wondering about two things as I pottered along.

  1. Does everyone do the thing where they teeter around the first couple of puddles trying to stay dry, and then they plunge in and run through the middle of the subsequent ones? Or do other people have more committed approaches?
  2. Thinking about a lady I knew through my last job who died just after Christmas. She was an inspiration to all those who think that they can’t or shouldn’t aspire to significant work. She amassed a vast amount of knowledge about a plant genus during her retirement, by herself without professional qualifications, and had the foresight and generosity to ensure that the knowledge was shared and secured for future generations. As is often the case, people referred to as amateurs can undertake research that is out of the reach of institutions who have to justify each minute spent. She was also a kind and funny person who had lived other lives before the one I knew. You will be missed Sylvia.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Keith says:

    Good running. I teeter around puddles too but then it becomes to much effort and I slowly get wetter and wetter socks. The other night a used waterproof socks and I splashed through the puddles with abandon, my running shoes took ages to dry out!
    Sorry to hear the loss of your friend.

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