#janathon day 11 disco dogs

Was a bit late getting out and it was on the edge of being dark, I balanced my phone on the bin so I could take this shot, there wasn’t enough light for my wobbly handed shots.20160111_162411

One of the things that you learn about Herne Bay the first time you run is that it is a town of dog-lovers. If you are uneasy about running near dogs here you would have to join a gym and use the treadmill. Which is fine if you are me, I like meeting new dogs. And I like seeing dog fashion.

So the well outfitted dog for W/S 16 is sporting a flashing collar (sadly because collar is singular, I am unable to take the piss and singulise it – like trouser or boot). This gives the twilight seafront a rather disco air, not quite Studio 54, but nearly. Completely impossible to photograph with a phone though. Which reminds me of Warehouse 13.


And on to the irritation I have been sitting on for months. I have the perfect pair of running shoes, and they are dying. And I cannot find another pair. They are Brooks PureConnect (I think version 2), I can wear them without my insoles, I can run faster in them, I love them very very much. I can find a lot of similar shoes but not the same ones (for less than a silly price like £100+). I have a lot of shoes, I always have one new and one old pair of road and trail shoes and a few older pairs knocking around. So it won’t kill me. I don’t have really odd feet, I am not an odd size. But I love them, they are perfect, and I just want to buy another pair 100% the same. Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!





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