#janathon day 12, very slow broadband day

You might get a picture, you might not. It is of blue sky if I don’t get to upload it. 8 miles first-ish thing. Lovely but despite going out along the seafront (concrete path) specifically so I could have dry feet, I ended up running through several metres of water (length not depth…).

Nice morning if a bit nippy, mental note made to look for some windproof mittens as I am getting fed up with the ends of my fingers always going numb. A lot of dunlins and birders out.

I have convinced myself I am coming down with a something. Spent the time at work with a tingly throat, hot head and internal self-pity, which is definitely a sign of a something. Here’s hoping it may be a nothing.I am just coming to the conclusion that I have rather overcommitted myself for the next few months..

Broadband says no picture without causing serious damage to my patience. Twenty minutes of trying are about as much as I will attempt. It is on instagram anyway. Roughly the same name!


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