#not janathon

But the Sniffle.

I have a big sniffle. Interestingly (really? ..no) for those of you who follow the running rule of above the neck – run, below the neck -don’t run for sniffles; it is a nocturnal cough only. However because I feel my running form would be compromised by stopping to sneeze every 30 seconds or so I have opted to just sit on the sofa and read academic papers instead.

Sadly I think that this does not count as a Janathon activity, as it stretches only the odd brain cell; those that have been spared the onslaught of wine, age, Netflix, Baldrick’s commentary on life, the fact that I have blocked Twitter, Facebook, Feedly, the Guardian and the BBC during working hours on my laptop (which is hurting me), the rain, my weird but understandable Maybelline obsession and caffeine.

Normal service will be resumed once my nose says it is ok.

In other news, I have frenziedly rushed round withdrawing from lots of races (against the advice of my PU-T oddly) as I have too much to do. So I will just go and re-enter different ones as soon as I get sad about it. Why universities feel it is ok to just randomly stuff things into a timetable with no notice I don’t know. Drives me round the bend. Bah.

Snuffle, drip, grump sniff.


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  1. runtezza says:

    Get well soon. I have never understood the above/below neck thing — take it easy!

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