#notjanathon-the return

Possibly the slowest run  ever.

But I am still very snotty and coughy so I kept my heart-rate in the 130s at most and pottered to my heart’s content rather than concentrating on the running (ahem, as if that doesn’t describe every single run I do). 18 curlews, lots of crows, oystercatchers, redshank, about 20 dunlin, brent geese and some ducks that might have been teal (the bird not the colour, though the two might be the same anyway..). I clearly missed some heavy rainfall and tidal events because the brook has been breached by the sea in one place at Long Rock and the outfall has moved quite a bit. I can almost see the fascination of having a drone, I would love to take an aerial photo each day to plot how much it moves over time. The photo is of the shifting shingle bank off the Hampton bay end of Herne Bay. Always a slightly different shape, I’m not sure that it ever quite connects to the shore but I might be wrong.

Today’s run was enabled by a specific moorhen-healing diet of sea-salted caramel fudge, liquorice, olives and rather nice orange and lemon marmalade.


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