Change of title

This post was going to be ‘Imogen stole my earrings’, but she actually just kept them safe for me, so I can’t use that. I realised yesterday after about 50 m that I had dangly earrings on in a high wind, which is just too irritating to run in. So I took them off and put them in my Flipbelt. And I didn’t notice until late last night that they weren’t there. So I set out feeling rather futile and downhearted this morning and just repeated yesterday’s run. They were in the same section of the belt as my mp3 which I had been taking out and putting back, so I had no hope of finding the one place that they had fallen out. But lo and behold there they were in the grass at the point where I saw the approaching rain and turned round.

It is several acres and normally very busy with dog walkers, so I was very very lucky. They are my favourite earrings partly because they are lovely and partly because they were a present to my mother (from whom I bullied them) from her Canadian cousin who bought them in Mexico. As both my mother and her cousin have been dead for a very long time, I would have been very annoyed to have lost them.

5 miles, same route as yesterday with no additional speed..


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  1. runtezza says:

    What a great story! Have no earrings myself but once drove about 30 miles back to a closed fish and chip restaurant (they opened the door at my entreaty) to rescue a pair of my wife’s from the carpet after we’d worked out that’s where they were most likely to have been lost.

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