Negative split

As I have sort of finished the research proposal for my MSc I treated myself to a run. This is less masochistic than it sounds, as the proposal has been largely fueled by chocolate, I couldn’t really offer more to myself as a treat.

While I have been getting out relatively regularly this year, my distance has been significantly feeble. After realising that my speed was about normal yesterday, I came to the conclusion that any remaining after effects of my cold were mostly in my head (well, literally in that I still have a bit of a cough and the occasional sinus headache, and metaphorically in that I am using it as an excuse to be lazy). Part of the problem has been that I am busy in ways that I find it difficult to control, there seems to be no point at which it is ok to say that I have done ‘enough’ for most of the work I am doing (except the shelf-stacking); and part of the problem is that I have postponed or cancelled the races I has entered, so I can get away with only being fit enough to run 5 miles, which is very unusual for me.

Lesson being, even if I don’t have time to train for an ultra this year, there is no reason why I can’t run half marathons, which is my favourite distance anyway. And I need to draw a line at a point which allows for me to fit in all parts of my life in an average week, rather than overdoing one aspect then another in a serial ¬†monogamy of half-arsed achievements.*

Where was I? Oh yes, I went out to run a bit further, aimed for 8 miles, did 8 miles. Meant to do it at roughly 10 minute miles, failed. (There was a strong wind behind me on the way home).


It was an undeniably springy afternoon, despite the wind. The temperature has gone up to about 10c again, and because it was the last afternoon of half term there were a lot of families out on the prom.20160221_164036

*Apologies for the wordiness, I had to let loose the text creation monster and it won’t go back in its box now.


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