Foolish bird

In my relief at handing in my research proposal, and my enhanced relaxation after a prosecco and sausage sandwich (not in the sandwich together) celebratory lunch; I walked round and round the centre of the city on Monday. To be honest I was looking for a running shop that I must have hallucinated, because it just was not there. Either physically or on Google.

Which saved me a few bob. But appears to have given me a shin-splint on the left leg only. Which is stupid. So I am sitting on my arse for a couple of days until it stops. And I had a stupid day today where I did absolutely nothing useful at all for 4 hours, and then went into work early only to discover that the thing which was tested to take 90 minutes took 4 hours and still counting. Not sure if it is just me. So I am a foolish and very slightly impaired moorhen today.


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