Bath night for turnstones

Been along the coast several times today. First I cycled to Whitstable parkrun  (about 3 miles) then back to Long rock to marshall/birdwatch, then back to the start again (about a mile each way) and home. Then I did 3 miles later on for a run.As I forgot to charge my garmin most of the run wasn’t logged, and as it is fighting the bluetooth link I can’t get it to connect to Strava at the moment. My phone is also having a bit of a hissy fit.

The east wind was quite hard on the parkrunners this morning as the whole outward half was into the wind, which was quite chilly. But at least they had a push on the way home. At least two heavily equipped birders out as well, visibility was quite good, but I couldn’t quite work out what I was looking at (very dark large ducks mainly). Must service poor Claud (my bike), he has a very iffy rear brake, and I did promise him a service about a year ago. He no longer has a bath to be washed in, or a kitchen to live in, and has to live in a shed. This must be a shock after several years of living in the car or the flat.

Run was nice though, shin all better now. The water was a bit choppy, and the turnstones, redshanks and oystercatchers were dodging the surf. Up by the coastal defences though it appeared to be communal bath night for the turnstones, who were all dipping and flapping in the water.  Cake and magnolia bud from very nice outings with friends earlier in the week. Forgot to take a pic of the prosecco and sausage sandwich!


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