Yes and no. A story of cowardice in the face of cold.


I meant to go to parkrun. I did marshall last week, and will be doing so next week, so I thought I could actually run this week.

I set out, much to my surprise, at the time I needed to leave in order to get there before the run started. I had the right stuff: hrm strap, mp3 player, bar-code, trainers, feet and so-on. I even found some sunglasses as it was bright.

And yet. The tide was in, and the wind was cold. And the birds were interesting. The wind was really cold. So cold in fact that I decided I really couldn’t face the 3 mile run, 3 mile run then 3 mile run. With chilly standstills in between. So I wimped out. Ran round Long Rock and home again.

So in the photos there are: some Brent geese (small dots on the sea), a labrador who understood that birds are not to be chased (yellow dot near water), some very cold dunlins and turnstones (grey and black blobs on shingle- get very impressionist if enlarged) and the unprecedented amount of water in the brook.

5 miles odd.


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