Wait for me!



I realise that this looks like the same beach and promenade, but it is actually a whole different sea (more or less). This is the Channel from Folkestone on the south coast instead of the Thames Estuary leading towards the North Sea from Herne Bay.

I had a complete pig of a journey there (90% in my head, 10% down to Google maps which was working with a 30-40 second delay, which really isn’t practical in a town centre), and it took 5 trips through the section of the town where the race might have been. I gave up on the 6th circle and parked up in approximately the right place, realised I had no change,  no idea what the PIN for the parking app was and so-on. I eventually found race HQ about 1/2 mile from where my phone said it might be, moved the car, attempted to pay for a second lot of parking but to everyone’s delight none of the machines were working (different owner of carpark, not payable by app).

Same mind-numbing warm-up commentary as the University 10k last year which I see I didn’t actually whinge about at length here. I presumably did on the Runner’s World race review section, how unkind of me. But anyway it was over soon, and the morning was lovely, much sunnier than yesterday. I did find it a bit puzzling that none of the bits of Folkestone that I saw today linked up with the bits I know from the 10 mile race, but there we go, not my specialist field, knowing where I am.

It was one of those races where you feel that you are wallowing in mud compared to your fellow runners, about 50m after the start and I wanted to stop and shout ‘Wait for meeeee’ because they had all sprinted off. Unusually I didn’t overtake many people either, it must just have been a very fast field, I was running about average speed.

The brain-cell free commentator shouted out my name as I crossed the finish and a couple of seconds later the man behind me told me which road I lived on. Turned out he was my postman, the man who writes me all the little red postcards so I can drive into Canterbury. Nice enough chap, very chatty.




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