Another Dickensian day



It was Dickensian in hue all day here, with mizzle (a British confection somewhere between mist and drizzle, but my view of it is as less drenching than the link reports, however we are in the east here, not the west) all day, and temps around 6c. It was however a fine day if you were a black and white cat having a sit-off20160319_152751

Baldrick in the foreground and Copycat behind, a half-arsed territorial dispute, hampered by B being blind and having the attention span of a goldfish, and C being a softy pacifist. I know the lawn is awful, I must mow it.


This photo should show, but fails to do so, Essex. If you look at the blue beach hut, just to the right of it is Sheppey, follow the horizon along past the end of the remains of Hampton pier in the water and about 2cms past that would be a light if my phone was more sensitive. That light is Essex, not all of it, just a bit, but Essex nevertheless. As shown below (on a Fetch map, Fetch has made a whizzy Garmin communicator integration that just works, without any faffing, so happy, I missed Fetch).


In other news, I have finally found a pair of Brooks PureConnect in my size on Ebay for a good price (the colour is a bit wince-worthy but I really don’t care, they are so comfy). I have rationalised my old trainer zoo down to 3 pairs of trail shoes (oldest about 4 years old) and 2 pairs of road shoes (oldest about 9 months old). I tend to hang onto most-loved shoes after they are very dead as a talisman for the future, which is daft. And I am in the midst of trying to write an essay on multispecies ethnography (Youtube link, only follow if you are in an open-minded mood, and I don’t mean that sort of open-minded..) , a presentation on my research proposal and a seminar for Monday on something or other that I can’t remember (but there is a picture of a zebra in there somewhere).

If you had a look at the link in my last post (four hundred years ago or so) Jill Homer actually finished the whole trip, nearly a thousand miles of Alaska on a bike, which is just so utterly amazing (if you follow her blog). I was ecstatic for her. It is worth haunting her blog till she writes a report, her photos and prose are great.

And if you follow Kate, you will be impressed at the truly horrible mud she endured to come 2nd in her age group! Again, really pleased for her, it is a big thing to step away from the being there to have a social time and write a good blog post to go for the pain of getting a good time (not that I would know..).


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