Just grrr


One of those days when you plan a whole day of stuff. And the stuff doesn’t happen, and you have to talk to yourself sternly to remind yourself to just smell the spring and get over it.

Shoulda: Gone for a four mile run at 08.30. Woulda got it in before the day got complex.

Shoulda: Not waited at the garage for them to tell me that Madame C had failed her MOT because she needed new arms/wishbones (clearly my anthropomorphising of her has not gone far enough). Woulda been able to actually get to my seminar in time.

Shoulda: not eaten so much in a big sulk re. the above. Woulda not fallen into pit of despond.

Did go for a four mile run anyway. Went out to peg the washing and it was so lovely I thought ‘Buggrit‘ (SFW Urban Dictionary link) and just went.


Shoulda: sorted out getting a locker at work ages ago so I didn’t have to spend an hour getting there  and an hour getting back on the bus rather than cycling (it isn’t the sort of place where you can just leave a bag easily).Not worth 2 hours commute for 2 hours 15 shift time…

BUT: If I had gone for a run first thing I would have missed the sun, and running home to avoid the rain (see pic), and take in the washing. And if I had driven to work I wouldn’t have seen a lot of bluebells (the first for me this year) in a scrubby bit of woodland by the A2990 as I walked to the bus stop on the way home. I wouldn’t have remembered about the plastic eagle owl on a telephone pole in Swalecliffe, upon whose head the starlings like to sit. And I wouldn’t have had the delight of seeing the cat bound the whole length of the garden because he thought he was missing dinner (he wasn’t).

So overall a fail, but a fail where I ran. Which is always a good fail. Especially when you have really nice friends.








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