Lovely afternoon for scavenging



Look at that, it almost looks as if the clouds are melting into the beach. The sea is there, it is just so smooth and reflective as to be almost invisible.

I have been scavenging stuff from the beach, things that don’t belong; which in my book are man-made things. I have some bits of wire fencing (I think it may have been laid a while ago in an attempt to stabilise the beach nearer to Long Rock, but over time has come to the surface and broken into bits and become a bit hazardous), bits of sea-smoothed wood, brick and tile.

This does mean that I look more like a dangerous nutter than normal. Instead of a person with arse in air photographing plants, I am person with arse in air photographing plants and then running home with a handful of shite. And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut never said about beach scavenging.

About 4 and a half miles. Rather warmer on the prom than in the garden where I am reaping the rewards for not mowing the Lawn of Many Froglets.


However, it seems not to deter enjoyment.


All I need is a couple of derelict cars and some plastic kids toys and I can enter the Chelsea Flower Show with the perfect recreation of an ‘urban garden’.



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