No photos….


I actually forgot my phone when I went out today. Not a first, but still unusual. The things was that I was waiting for it to charge to 100% before I went out. One of those all too familiar strategies to put off the run for a teeny bit that I am sure many other runners employ. And for some reason I didn’t wait, I just got up and went. And I can’t really remember why.

It is very cold for April at  the moment, the wind is blowing from the north and there is there isn’t much north of us until you get to Essex except chilly sea. So while the sun is shining today, and it looks like spring, it feels like winter once you get out. It means that the sea has little white breakers (what my mother used to refer to as ‘icebergs on the horizon’) and the tide is a little higher than normal.


As you can see I came over all indecisive about which way I was going to go, but ended up pootling a bit (it was an easy run) and picking up a selection of interesting rubbish from the beach, including a salad server. Clearly not connected with the leeks, as why would you put whole leeks in a salad?

I am very fidgety at the moment; just about to start the research phase of my MSc, toying with the idea of selling some stuff on Etsy (not leeks), in a lull with one part-time job and very aware that I am going to have to get a proper job again soon.


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