Relentless self-promotion


Been for a run 3 miles-ish. Am cheating and using a pic I took whilst walking (gasp) on Monday. I went swimming which I forgot to post – 40 lengths of the very cute Whitstable pool. Messed it up on Strava which shows one length of over 300 yards. Long story.


But anyway. Dear Reader..I know that there is at least one of you..I am looking for some help with my Masters research project. It doesn’t require any specialist knowledge or interest, it just requires that you have a few dusty houseplants and you are willing to talk about them. You don’t need to know their middle names, you can refer to them as Bill and Ben, you don’t need to like them; you just need to be willing to talk or write about them for me. I would also welcome your input if you hate houseplants, or view having them in the home as cruel or unnatural in some way.

If you are curious (I won’t judge…)mosey on over here and have a look. And I promise to only ask another ten times before I give up. 🙂

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