So I thought I would like to spend a bit of time training to heart rate, seeing as mine is higher than I expect it to be. So I thought I would try to find a similar training plan to the ones I have used on my Polar RCX5, but there are some obstacles. What I wanted was something I can upload to one of my two training watches, that will tell me what I should be doing, warn me if I am working too hard or not hard enough and then sync the results to one of the services I use. However there were obstacles.

  • Polar Personal Trainer (online site where the RCX5 uploads to) offers exactly what I want in terms of plans, and the watch does exactly what I want too. However Polar personal trainer doesn’t sync with anything (for example Strava, Google Fit, Fetch, MyFitnessPal, Garmin Connect). It does offer syncing (sort of) with Polar Flow, which sort of offers syncing with Strava, but you can’t take the plan across the platforms from Personal Trainer to Flow.The Polar phone app only works with Polar Bluetooth HRMs. I have a Polar non-bluetooth HRM and a Garmin Bluetooth HRM.
  • Garmin Connect does sync, but my Vivofit doesn’t allow for training plans to be uploaded, despite the fact that you can create them on the Garmin Connect website/app, the watch (with GPS and HRM) does not allow for plans. While it will sync with my phone enough to show my calendar and a lot of other things, it will not offer a training plan.
  • So I went out with both watches (only one HRM strap though, that was a step too far).Afternoon_Run___Run___Strava

Strava (above) gets data from the Garmin.Garmin_Connect

Garmin Connect (in theory should be the same as Strava, though I know that Strava cuts out my photo stops [below a certain speed], hence the faster pace). Calories are entertaining, seeing they are from the same device…though as I didn’t have the HRM for this watch each app may be interpreting the data for a different type of Mercy. I haven’t checked the settings for a while. For example the Polar thinks I am 30 because it gives me a really stupid max heart rate if it knows I am 50.


Polar Personal Trainer (which I didn’t switch off till I got home, the Garmin I switched off when I finished running as it is a step counter as well). The dips in the pace and heart rate demonstrate photo stops and a bit where I put it on pause so I could beachcomb.

I am too lazy to look for differences in the data – I may do it one day when I switch them off at the same time and use both straps, though the signals may interfere.



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