Keep forgetting


to blog. Which is unusual for me, someone who has quite often run for the sake of blogging. Part of it is that I am very variously busy, that is not busy in terms of working 70 hours a week, but having a lot of different things to coordinate (two jobs, a research project, a thingy, running, watering the plants, pandering to the cat and my audiobook habit).

So I did run yesterday, and I also walked earlier to beachcomb and nearly kidnapped a spaniel (yes I realise there are issues inherent there, but it was a nice spaniel). My jobs are at awkward times and both are consuming as much time as I care to put into them at the moment. Which isn’t really what I want. But there we go.

More in a series that should be called Random Thingies on the Beach (though the winch isn’t really random).

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