And just under the rain.


Depending on whether you are a Strava user or not you may think I have been very swimmy today. Sadly not true, I went for a long(sort of) run and took both watches and hit swim by accident. It was an 8 mile run not a 0.8 mile swim or run. Bah.

Lots of flies, the sort that float on warm air currents in front of storms. Mildly annoying but not bitey or anything.


Then (gasp) I cycled to work again. Hot and sticky going, very wet and sticky returning.  The humidity seems not to be abating despite storms, which is unusual. It is only 4.5-5 miles to work, and I should have sorted out cycling beforehand. I can do 60% of it off-road, but I needed a locker to put my stuff in, and a fair assortment of deodorants and nice smells as there is no shower. Being the Queen of Sweatbuckets, I also need enough time to just sit quietly to cool down before I put my uniform on, as it is coloured cotton, which shows every single molecule of sweat. Even the ones you are thinking of. It worked fine when I could wear what I wanted and sit at my desk to cool down for half an hour before changing, but the cut and thrust world of retail allows for no cool downs.


The sky on the way home looked very torn, like blotting paper or cartridge paper. There was a brief rainbow and flashes of sun, as well as some rain. Herne Bay and Whitstable towns smell of Philadelphus (can’t remember if it is Orange or Mock orange blossom, but it is the big, white-flowered shrub that smells like Juicy Fruit.).

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  1. Kate says:

    I’m jealous of your ability to ride your bike to work. And now that I’ve said that, I kind of want to slap myself because I’m off work for the summer and could ride my bike anywhere. But I have this unwilling 12 year old who I let throw a wrench in that daydream instead of me making it happen.

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