Not sure this is working

I am just getting slower and tireder while running at the moment. My training is patchy yes, but not that patchy. I am not breathless or wheezy, just tired.


I think I may go and ask the GP if it might be the pills.

In other news, Kate’s comment about commuting made me wonder why it took me so long to sort out my commute to work. To put it in perspective I work 5 flattish miles from home.I can cycle or run most of that route off-road and the roads I use are quiet. Some of the route (as you may have noticed) goes along the coast, which is a plus. I work slightly odd hours, but mostly between 17.00 and 20.00 give or take. So why did it take me 6 months+ to start taking Claud instead of the car?

Several interacting reasons. I am a person who sweats buckets in any given situation. So I can’t do a Boris (no not that type of a Boris, but this type) and cycle to work in my uniform. I therefore need somewhere to change, and somewhere to store clothes (and park Claud). I have got round this numerous times by changing in the loo, and keeping stuff under my desk. But as my current executive role involves me replenishing goods on the shop floor of a well-known supermarket, I have no desk. I can also not carry stuff with me or stash it, as we are regularly searched (a lot of people misappropriate stock about their person, in an absent-minded way).

So I had to get a locker. Which meant I had to ask the right security guard. Not the ones who appear to work for someone else, not the really grumpy one who took 4 weeks of civility to burst out into a smile, but the one who knows what is going on. And as I only worked (at that time) 9 hours a week, it took a while for his shift to coincide with my shift/motivation/memory.

I would really  like a shower, but that has never ever been available to me in my various commuting adventures over the years.  A quick scrub with wet-wipes is the best thing, and only hugging people on driving days.

Then you have to work out what to take and what to leave…

At work I have uniform, deodorant, perfume, spare undies, wet-wipes, towel (just in case of torrential rain, my hair does not dry quickly) and shoes.

In my bag I have two spare inners for Claud (see any blog post of mine on cycling, I am unlucky) tyre levers, lights, pump, waterproof, lock, work tablet, phone, timesheet, notebook and pen, my phone, keys, purse.

And I wear shorts, t-shirt, sports bra, socks and trainers. If I don’t change bras you can see  where my sweaty sports bra is outlined in detail on my polycotton shirt. Not good for self-esteem, public respect or avoiding sniggers.

Ideally I can hang up the above clothing somewhere so that it airs a bit before I have to put it on to return. Ideally somewhere that won’t offend colleagues with their slightly exercisey aroma.

Then you have to focus on what is where, so you don’t end up cycling to work and finding you have no uniform (v.bad in this role) or coming home to realise that you don’t have anything to put in the washing machine and you are going to have to wear last week’s clothes again.

And the other consideration is gradually building your colleagues up to realising you are odd. Once you have outed yourself as a cycler/runner you are fine, but it takes a bit of time to get there, and for it to osmose through the place so that you have run out of people to surprise with your cellulite.

It is worth it, massively so. But it isn’t just a quickie ‘oh I fancy cycling to work today’, at least not if you are a moorhen. Though I have to say, in other roles, Dropbox and Google Drive make a big difference to the amount you have to carry anywhere.


Just sent by the Moorhen Photographer In Chief.



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