Commuting today. Bit late starting out because I was working on my MSc (yes, get her! working on her thingy) and despite the fact that I am a connoisseur of weather apps, I just didn’t look.. So this was chasing me in to work.20160713_151913

And it got bigger and more rumbly..


So I cycled harder. Mainly because (look away now, hard core people) my hair was not freshly washed, so if it got very wet (and sweaty) and dry again it would have looking disgustingly rank.

While I was at work someone did say that it was raining very heavily outside. But by the time I cycled home it was like this:


No complaints. The light is just lovely, and I didn’t get rained on at all. 4. 3 miles ish there and then back, but with a hill on the way back.

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