Lots of exertion


A day in which I went for a run and commuted to work by bike.I almost evaporated with smugness. View during run.


And view on the way home cycling.

Saw an odd bird fight on the way home. A big seagull (herring gull type) was mobbing a pair of herons, I’m not sure why. While either would probably eat the others chicks, I can’t see that either would currently have chicks of edible size by anything other than a velociraptor at this time of year. Most gull chicks reach adult size very quickly. There was no clear winner, the herons went back to the pond they use sometimes and the gull sort of pretended nothing happened. The only loser was the kestrel who was turfed off her tree by a sulky heron.

3 miles very slowly run, 9 ish cycled.

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