Another three miles or so. Planned to cycle to work, but was a bit weary and had some shopping to do and the washing to bring back.

I am also bewildered about where I could have put my track pump. Initially I thought it might be in the Shed of Huge Spiders, but I have looked as far as I dare and I can’t see it. If I go too far in, the door creaks shut and tries to trap me in the dark with the Huge Spiders. But I wouldn’t have put it in too far in the first place would I?

It isn’t in the lobby with the other bike things, or under the bookshelf with the tools, or in the wardrobe with the camping gear, or under the bed with the strangely shaped things. I do have two small pumps, but I wanted to use the track pump to assuage the feeling that it just might be my slightly under-pressure tyres making me a bit slow. And then, yes, logically I will look at the over bounciness of my trainers, or not.


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