Unexpected gear review



This is the Flipbelt from inside. As you can see I have a pale green one. My phone finds it a safe and nurturing environment; which, when I don’t quite shut the screen down, allows it to take its own photos. This is one of a series of many over the two odd years I have had my flipbelt, they all have a similar ethos. It may be that my phone is hoping for me to buy another one, so it can move into a blue or peach phase. Sadly it is unlikely, while the belt was rather pricey at the time (one of those ‘I have to buy a thing’ at the London Marathon Expo: £25), it is exactly the right bit of kit for me. It also has no bits that are really going to deteriorate any time soon. Main plus points being you can put small rocks in it and it will expand to fit all sizes of phone. You can also put oyster shells and keys and seeds and iPods, but best not earrings as they can fall out. It does get sweaty though but you can wash it, and potentially use it as a catapult, but not for the larger gauges of cat.

8 miles (yes indeedy, 8 miles that were in every way more pleasant and easy that any of the 3 mile runs I have whinged through recently). Hormones? vitamins? diet? temperature? time of day? Warming up takes many miles? Take your pick.


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  1. Kate says:

    This made me laugh. A flip belt sounds so very handy. 🙂

    And 8 miles sounds like an eternity to me. I did a 5K yesterday, the first road race in forever, and thought I might die.

  2. Lovely green hue; very Mondrian. My phone is less clever, as it keeps altering my text, which is worrying if we allow the future to be interp by them

  3. old boss says:

    Classic mercy post!

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