An outing – and even more

And oops, I forgot to include yesterday’s sunset from the campsite. Handa in the distance on the right.

2016-07-22 20.55.00

The next day I went for another wee run, about 3 miles. Again it was luscious.

We decided to go for a walk, despite the weather forecast being dire. It turned out to be fine, but I suspect only because we took all our waterproofs and were happy to walk in the rain. The route we took (one way) is below, it was only 2 miles in total but considering that we were bottomising (botanising) and birding and picnicing, we did quite well. If you want orientation Tarbet is where we had the Red Kite beer the day before and Handa Island is the landmass on the bottom left hand corner.


Once we had hauled ourselves up to the top of the hill we were rewarded with a lovely panoramic view, which was immediately filled with me on the left and the P-UnT.


And a rare photo of the MWRLC, who isn’t perched nearly as precariously as it appears. We had a lovely beer and oatcake picnic on the top.  The best way to celebrate a summit.

2016-07-23 11.16.51

Although none of us really know anything about geology the rocks are nevertheless fascinating; this huge stripe of quartz and many other little lines and criss-crosses kept us happy for ages. And the FlyBee which turned out to be a Tachina grossa .

2016-07-23 10.47.03

As did the carnivores.

2016-07-23 12.43.43

We also visited a caribbean beach, saw jellyfish, starfish (possibly dead), crabs and speedboats. And then went for dinner.

2016-07-23 18.56.42

Thank you for a lovely holiday!

2016-07-25 12.09.09

And thank you to Baldrick’s Other Humans for looking after him so well.

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  1. old boss says:

    Time to change ur Twitter photo. Almost didn’t recognise the foxy blond!

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