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The seafront is very busy at the moment. I am developing a real anti-jetski thing, which people I have spoken to recently will be sadly quite familiar with. Very warm today, but as I was feeling smug I went out anyway. I have written some words for my dissertation! Woo.

So far my displacement activities have been:

  • cutting my hair, a normal activity when I am fidgetty
  • going out for post-its, returning with a table and parasol
  • repotting all my plants
  • deadheading all my plants
  • defrosting the freezer
  • defrosting the fridge (it has an icebox)
  • going to Scotland
  • starting a teeny tiny business on Etsy
  • running
  • looking for Claud’s track pump
  • hoovering
  • decluttering
  • painting my nails every other day
  • cutting a bit more off my hair
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • pinterest
  • tumblr
  • trying to work out how to convert Babybio houseplant food dilution ratio (drop per pint or something like that) to the same as own brand tomato food (cap lid per 4 litres or so).Which is a pointless activity because the nutrient ratios are different anyway.
  • Trying to find the right pen for my mood. Sometimes a fibre or gel pen is just too slidey and I really need a biro. I know I could type but there we go.
  • Job hunting.
  • Going to work.

Oh, and blogging.20160806_171312

So, avoiding the slowly moving holidaymakers and the jet skis are this family of seagulls. They were whistling fit to bust because the rather bored parent was not fishing 3 fresh (insert appropriate fish here) out of the surf for them. All the gull parents have that faraway look at the moment, fantasising I suspect that they are swallows and could just fly away and leave the naggy little buggers behind. 3 miles.



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