Long run.

Well as my friends have been gently suggesting, it is a while since I actually raced. So I have entered a 1/2 marathon, at the end of Sept (well I think it is) so that it looks like I am focusing on writing my dissertation and not running.

So I thought in that spirit that I had better drag my fat arse for more than the 8 miles with which I and Eminem are comfortable (yes that reference is very tired, I am sorry, but Lose Yourself is still a good track to run to). I battled the extra mile out through Whitstable seafront, with its very slowly walking tourists and back through the same tourists about 3 cm further on.

On my run I found:


that the tide was out in the harbour,


that lobster pots are made of less cute but equally effective materials down south,


someone has put out some nice flags for carnival,


and the yarn bombers have been busy.



10 miles, the last 2 of which hurt.

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