Took this lovely sunset photo on my way home from work; where I had one of those GRRRRR afternoons.

Someone asks you a question, you answer the question; they completely ignore what you said and repeat the question, you repeat the answer, with very Polite Capital Letters this time. They take breath in to contradict you, so you point to the evidence, because clearly just saying something is not sufficient. They nod and go on their way, behaving as if they were right all along. You stand there, wearing just another teeny layer off the enamel on your teeth.

So on my way there, and my way home every time I wibbled I was thinking of the Women’s road race which I watched more or less from the start. And despite vaguely supporting the UK cyclists I got caught up with Mara Abbott who was just so strong up the hills and so cautious downhill (which spoke to me..)and saw the hideous crash of Annemiek Van Vleuten. I think the whole race just encapsulated everything about cycling for me. The sheer pain of Abbott leading so much of the way and not having anything left in the last few metres; and Van Vleuten soaring so beautifully downhill, strong and almost invincible, until she wasn’t. And the horror of seeing her hit the side.

But back to the present. Just after I took the photo of the lovely if slightly doomy sunset. I saw the fattest, most chirpy rat. It did the whole rat thing of seeing me, noting I was a human, having a little ponder on how it was supposed to behave, and decided to trot nonchalantly away. It was very much like the rats in Ratatouille, partly I suspect because it was fattened by the remnants of many barbecues. (apols for pic, best I could find..)


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