Part of the new bit of the harbour at Whitstable.


I assume they parked the ship here on purpose? The tide is all the way out, and it was very windy yesterday, but it still looks like the marine equivalent of stuffing it in a hedge to stop it rolling away.


I actually ran along the shingle bar out of curiosity, it is only there if the tide is out, and (as you can see) it is very popular as a mini-beach in the sea with the kite-surfers. It is to be honest the only bit of the beach you can run on well.


Looking towards Tankerton Slopes, Whitstable on the right, Herne Bay 4 miles to the left.


Looking out to sea with lots of kite surfers. It was quite early at that point and there were a lot more when I passed on the way back. One day I will draw a horizon line on the screen of my phone, I cannot take a straight photo (this is why I have never cut hedges).


There, you can see it on the maps, it goes a bit over a 1/3rd of a mile straight out into the sea.


No interesting wildlife, except for one mouse running onto the beach at Herne Bay at breakneck speed. No idea why. Sort of a chicken crossing the road situation, I guess. 12 miles.


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  1. furtheron says:

    I was down with my wife when that ship was there. We were surprised too. Never seen one that size moored there before

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