The seafront is busy, busy, busy this evening. Still about 30c at 6pm and glassy-smooth seas has meant that everyone who went to the beach today is still there (or lying in a dark room under ice), and those who had to work rushed down as soon as they could.


(the pic isn’t the busy bit – the thing about Long Rock in the heat is that you can smell the nearby sewage treatment plant, which seems to put people off for some reason)

This has led to odd driving and very odd parking, one pavement in Tankerton is completely full of cars, because the road has double-yellows. I have learnt this year that there are certain situations where it is good to use your bike bell to warn pedestrians. There are certain situations where it is a death-wish. The first of these is anyone with a phone in their hand, of whatever age; who will assume you are ringing at someone else. And second the very old and very young, who on hearing a bell just scatter or freeze. It is (so far) a lot easier to just go very slowly and carefully around them, talking to them if you think it will help. Spaniels however, are still wild-cards. Keep it real spaniels, live the dream.

So it was a successful day in some ways: 4.5 mile ‘run’ at a very slow pace on purpose (trying another not-quite-connected-up training app); commuted by bike, getting faster, I think mainly due to having pumped up my tyres, thanks to the frog). In other ways it was teeth-grindy; but there is nothing like a bit of cycling, running and cat-enhancement to perk up the day.


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