All alone

I went for a run without my phone, not something I do that often mainly because I need it to take photos. I don’t think I would know who to ring or what to do if I fell down and broke something.I run in such populated places I always assume that the first two or three people would laugh and the next one would scrape me off the floor. Or I would be eaten by a seagull.  And when, like today, I am somewhere I could only vaguely describe, I would be my own worst enemy on the phone, if I had signal.

“So where are you?”

“the Blean”

“and what is the Blean?”

“it’s part of the ancient woodland, the Andreaswald that used to cover the south of England, but this bit is near Canterbury”

“ah, so you’re in Kent?”

“oh yes, between Herne Bay and Canterbury”

“and you’re in the woods?”

” yup”

” are there any landmarks or obvious features?”

” well it is a chestnut woodland, with some oak, it looks to be planted to be honest with you, not ancient, perhaps this isn’t the ancient bit?”

“ok,how did you get there?”

” well I parked Madame C in the carpark…”

” Madame C is a car?”

“er, yes, she has a lot of character”

” Do you know the name of the car park?”

” No, it is the one of the way home from Uni, and I am on the small side not the lumpy side; it is past Tyler Hill though”

“Ah, I think we are narrowing it down now. And which way did you go on leaving the car?”

“Well I went through the gate and then right, down past the insect hotel and the named bits of hanging wood, and then I turned right onto a footpath and then went straight over and then left and now I’m here”

“I see, and there are no obvious features?”

” Other than the chestnut trees?”

“Other than the chestnut trees”

“No, there is some Epilobium, but it might have changed name to Chaer.. something, I can’t remember”

“Is that another tree?”

“No it’s a plant”

“And are you able to walk?”


“We may be some time, do you have a survival blanket?”

“No, I have an app that tells me if it is going to thunder”

“Good, well done”

4 Comments Add yours

  1. zoeforman says:

    I now have a £10 dumb phone payg I forward iPhone to it when running
    Battery lasts months ! And have emergency phone to call but would take a fortnight to text a message as upto 3 clicks per letter – old school

    1. mercyjm says:

      I find them really hard to use now, it is like morse code

      1. zoeforman says:

        I know ! But super small and lightweight perfect for training runs & trail when don’t want iPhone getting soaked Big downside is no camera

  2. shazruns says:

    Always try and take my phone but if something terrible happened not sure I could remove it from my back pocket, it’s a struggle under normal circumstances, impossible when flat on my face in a ditch!

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