Reckless labradors

After some years of fearing the random interventions of spaniels in my running and cycling I have been confronted with two reckless labradors (technically golden retrievers) today. I can only assume it was the heat, as it is 30c+ here today. All those golden curls can’t help. The 2nd labrador merited an emergency stop*.

Managed a run in the morning which was a real whingeathon for me, the only interesting thing I noticed was that if I (which I did twice) decided that I would just walk home from ‘here’, I forgot after about 20 seconds and started to run again without really realising. It wasn’t really that hot, it was just a bit humid and I was a bit feeble. But still 8 miles managed.

And contrary to the poor button pressing effort witnessed on Strava, I did cycle to and from work. I keep scaring my colleagues who know me in my uniform (the least flattering possible for me: blue navy ‘slacks’ and a turquoise shirt, neither really fit) by wandering in wearing shorts and vest top. It takes them a while to process that it is the same woman who is always pestering them for a signature on her time sheet.

* bear in mind that Claud’s brakes have been maintained by me for nearly a decade, and I haven’t actually done anything in the way of tweaking since I moved 18 months ago. So an emergency brake is a combination of front (works, gently now) and rear (more of a subtle reduction in forward momentum, allows time for a lot of noise to be generated, and a fair amount of ‘ohshitohshitohshit’ to go on), and feet hitting the floor.

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