20160917_165651It is so long since it has rained here that as an area we have collective forgotten what to do. Yesterday at work, despite the forecast showing for some time that it was going to rain, the store was full of people who had gone to work or school with no coat, wearing sandals. And then got torrented upon.


Today, I put off running during the dry part of the day, and then happily trotted out as it poured with rain. I had thought that the miniscule storm shown on the radar had passed. But I think it is dutifully circling the north coast of Kent to replenish the rain we have missed for weeks. My carnivorous plants are joyful.


4.6 miles in varying conditions; initially dry, then a bit threatening and blustery, then wet.  Still a lot of silly aches and pains. It resembles the progress in a long race/run  where your body runs through every single excuse it can think of to try to get you to stop. That suspected stress fracture in 1997? tick; the plantar fasciitis from 1998? yup; achilles twinge, left? yup; achilles twinge, right? yup; funny hip thing from last year? yup; same thing mirrored on the other side for good measure? yup. None of them last for longer than a few minutes, just so they can all be squeezed into a short run. No idea why, though I still have my money on the perimenopausal hormone mix. If it was one thing consistently hurting, I would be more interested, especially if I wasn’t swapping shoes each run.

A fair few runners, dog walkers, kite surfers and one windsurfer out and about. It is only really when there is a north wind that the sea gets choppy here, otherwise we tend to get very calm estuarine waters. And as the beach is the most gradual in the world (well nearly) it is quite easy to be 1/4 mile out at high tide and easily walk back to shore, though you will get covered in a mix of estuary mud and London clay.


A very fuzzy shot of the gulls waiting for the tide to retreat, like commuters at a station waiting for a tardy train.


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