It has been a day of fast moving sun and showers, so I took a risk and just went when I thought that the worst had passed. Only to see a large dark cloud hovering just inland from the coast. I had this theory that it might just miss the sea front and run west to east without getting me wet.

I was nearly right, I didn’t get soaked but I got damp. Which was lucky because I hadn’t taken a sandwich bag out to put my phone in.


It did however encourage me to my fastest mile (just over 9 min mile) in some time, which just goes to show that I can run a little bit faster if I am feeling the need. My favourite bit of beach is still out of bounds due to the Smell of the Dead, though no-one else seems to notice it. I am convinced there is a dead dog down there, rotting very slowly (I am not that freaked by dead animals e.g. road kill, but the thought of a dead pet is just way too sad). It may that there is a very specific syndrome I am suffering from which involves hallucinating the smell of dead pets.


The reward for all that rain drama was a very nice double rainbow, poorly captured in my photo. The colours were very intense, even the violet was vivid; although I’m not sure  I will be digging through the mud for a crock of gold.


3.2 miles, must pack a plastic bag next time.


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  1. furtheron says:

    I was driving back from London this afternoon through showers and downpours and sunshine and rainbows. All of that in about 40 miles!

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