My running has been… well, patchy is a generous word, virtually non-existent in the last couple of weeks.

Partly because it is now not summer and I am sulking. Partly because I have the fidgets because I am between things and don’t know who I am any more. Not in a bad way, but in a ‘not sure where I will be working and what the hours/commute/location would be’ sort of way. Which gives me a damn good excuse not to do anything. Although I have still been cycling a bit, I accidentally raced some MAMILs along the seafront on Wednesday and beat them.


Amazing how energetic I can be when there are other people to distract me.

So I thought I had better create a baseline for how bad I actually am and get my fat arse back out there. I am going to run a 10k in Ashford tomorrow, apparently a very popular one; though I am a teensy bit sceptical about just how much fun running round Ashford town centre can actually be.


And in other news. I have been searching for a broken bottle in the bathroom for a couple of days, before it occurred to me that it might just be the large orchid inflorescence that was smelling nice. I have had this Coelogyne cristata for about 15 years I guess, and it used to flower regularly when I lived in Burgess Hill. I stuffed it outside all summer this year to see if it would cheer up a bit, and it did. I suspect it was the good quality shade and the temperature difference night/day that did it. A plant bought from the closing down sale of Stonehurst nurseries (link is worth clicking for odd history of the estate) that were more or less opposite Wakehurst Place.


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