and Squee!

I passed my MSc in Ethnobotany with Merit, so I am a very happy little moorhen. I will dod  a proper thank you on my other blog later, but if any of you reading were involved, thank you so much!

And I went for a run, and smugly photographed my Fascicularia which is approaching flowering at the moment.


The annoyance of the high blood pressure is clearly making me run faster than normal.

And this fascinates me every time. I have almost tripped over the turnstones before now, they are so well camouflaged. Example beach, note the white spot in the middle of the picture.


And zooming in (badly with my phone) you can see the snoozing shingle-birds.


Should have cycled into work but the east wind is still blowing and it was a toughy to run into, so would have been hard word on a bike. I am a wimp. I know.

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  1. Fantastic news! Well done you. Kx

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