Rufty tufty


I love that shark boat.


Very rough seas* today, almost makes you remember the purpose of  the sea defences. Just coming into the three months of the year that I find most difficult; the days seem to close in very claustrophobically, and everything is just a little bit ominous around the edges.

However, how on earth anyone can be sad when they have a cat who jumps on their head at 2am I don’t know.It certainly is a mood leveller.


3 miles run.

I did intent to start daily running in November (see above doom and gloom) but I had a silly week which didn’t lend itself to intent. And I wanted to do a thing, and I thought of two things and got indecisive, so did nothing. I couldn’t make up my mind between thing a) a different beach hut picture everyday, or thing b) a different route every day. Reason being thing a) was easy and unchallenging and thing b) wasn’t. So nothing won, by virtue of being more easy and unchallenging that thing a).

*in Herne Bay terms.


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  1. I enjoy your work Mercy. Thank you.

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