Route 3(ish)


It really was windy on Sunday night, and both pine trees fell over, which causes a bit of puzzlement if you are a blind cat, your whole garden is a different shape. With that and the complete and utter failure of the 24 hour blood pressure monitor (ran out of charge after a couple of hours) I was in a substantial grump. The more so because I knew I was using both of these things as an excuse not to go out in the horrid weather to run.



So there we go. I cycled to work today and back again for the first time in proper darkness. It was quite spooky cycling along the seafront in the dark, the waves seem very loud (well, I suppose the tide was in..)and you can hear the odd bird or two. There were a few runners with head-lights and just the twinkling lights of the wind turbines. It was a very soothing journey, if it was a bit nippy, I must find my winter gloves. I have had a spate of losing things recently – most of them have now made their way back to me, which is reassuring. I am a misplacer as a rule, I don’t often lose things permanently.

9ish miles cycling.


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