So… where were we? My debit card was apparently compromised, so I have been without that for 9 days now. On Friday Madame C decided that as she hadn’t had a flat tyre for months and months (true) and now was her chance. I do have a credit card but it has lain dormant for a very long time, and I was reluctant to awaken it unless I had good cause.

I have done quite well using Paypal which is expanding its range quite nicely (National Express, and I discovered very late, Southeastern Rail). And friends who have treated me :). I am not going to starve or get bored, but the massive inconvenience is driving me mad.

I had to go into work for a meeting today, and I cycled as far as Tankerton (about 2/3rds of the way) and slowed to find out what the clicking from my tyre was. And obviously it was a sharp piece of grit stuck in my tyre, which fountained out with air and white liquid when I flicked it off. It is so long since Claud had a flat that I had completely forgotten that the front tyre has some form of Slime equivalent in it. And it actually worked (I must either get punctures so tiny as to not notice or so huge as to overwhelm it) for once. And as far as I know is still working as it got me to work and back home again. Which is lucky because I was in such a stroppy mood I would just have stomped the 5 miles home rather than use one of the two spare inners I have.

It was however a lovely day for birds, despite how Dickensian the gloom appears. I saw curlews, egrets, turnstones, oyster catchers, redshanks, and dunlins. All pottering around with various denominations of gull and the wagtails, who seem to feel that they are shore birds. The turnstones, redshanks and dunlins move and feed together. The curlew and egret are normally amongst the gulls, but the oyster catchers clearly think themselves to be better served by feeding slightly apart from other species.

Oh and a kestrel. See?*


It looks like the Environment Agency are going to sort out the brook at Long Rock, which broke through the shingle bank around last December. It used to snake all the way round to the Tankerton side (where the wrinkle is on the map above) but is currently blocked/overtopping by the green arrow.

  • this was the good photo. This (below) is the less good one. Clearly a kestrel, I think you will agree.20161114_150040

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