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Some of the past week or so above. I graduated on Friday (with my friend Jules) in the lovely Canterbury Cathedral. We had the first named storm of the season, Angus, who wasn’t very destructive here as Herne Bay is north facing rather than south facing. There is more wind on the way tomorrow though.

I went and had a look at the ever moving shore of Long Rock yesterday. The brook that created the feature broke through (or was broken through to by the sea) in the storms last winter and the clay is eroding quite fast. As it goes it is exposing all the rubbish people have been chucking in the brook for decades which were packed into the silty clay.

I had a really bad migraine (I think it was a migraine) on Saturday night which is taking a long time to recede. Most of the pain has gone but I still feel shaky and a bit nauseous at times. Oddly I found walking (yesterday) and a gentle run today made me feel a bit better.


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