Herne Bay and the surrounding areas are quite renowned for sunsets. It is one of the only places I have lived where people clearly time their walks to coincide with sunset.


You can see why, it was a quite average day today and this was what rewarded you if you pottered down to the seafront. My phone made a sterling effort here and recorded pretty much what I could see. It was too dark to see any detail on the ground, I wouldn’t have run anywhere other than the seafront without street lights.

I am very winterish at the moment, which means an enormous amount of torpor first thing, then a mountain of self-pity/hatred to clamber up. If I can get to the top of that then it is all good at the summit – the world is full of crunchy leaves, and fascinating smells (try running in the dark and smelling your neighbourhood: ivy flowers, some winter flowering shrubs, fabric conditioner, burgers..). But some days it takes a long time to get there.


Mr B at his desk, demonstrating his work ethic. Note the rear paw (left) poised to take command of the desk environment, should the human prove weak.

However, I am aided in the winter battle by the fighty Mr B, who believes in breakfast before 5am, a snooze then up at 7am to embrace the thrills of the day. He, being wrapped in a fur coat at least 3 sizes too large, is up for a paddle in 5c water first thing; and then a rush to his human bathrobe to dry off. So no hiding from the new day.

3 miles

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  1. furtheron says:

    I love dropping in on your photos. I visit your manor from time to time but it’s been a part of my life since I was a kid. When little we used to holiday in Herne Bay, in the estate – Stud Hill Farm (have I got that right?). The shop opposite was owned by a family how had a bungalow there and we rented it year in year out until I was about 9 or 10. We regularly swam off that beach and watched the rowers trying to get launched in their boats which I always even then considered ridiculously dangerous to be doing so in the sea. I’m lost in my childhood memories just looking at that photo remembering lemonade and crisps in the children’s room in the pub there as the sun set after the carnival…

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