After all this is a running blog, not a moaning blog, eh?


Those of you who have/had a cat will know that moment when you are typing with your cat snoozing on your lap; and then they rest their chin affectionately on one hand, and you are left doing hunt-and-peck with your remaining hand. Sigh.


So, it was a gorgeous day today. And I needed to drive through the Blean twice, as it lies between home and the University. Despite all these easy options, and the fact that I was wearing my running gear, it still took an intervention from my random self (who is probably my better self) to make me run. I had worked up this excuse about the usual car park being full (probably was) and the proper car park opposite being overly pockmarked with mini-quarries that Madame C hates (definitely true, she groaned audibly last time). So random self decided to just go somewhere else to park. And then we went out (me and random self) and deliberately got lost. Rather than the normal just getting lost.

I suspect because I had deliberately got lost, I found myself (booo) quite quickly, but not before I had puzzled over the luxury prison camp I found (turned out to be the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre) and got excited to see the sea (I mean really, it wasn’t even as if it was a different bit of sea, it was my home bit of sea….). Met a dog called Spot, a squirrel and possibly a deer.lunch_run___run___strava


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